1993 Seagrave Pumper
Mazeppa's 10-1502 on the Scene
1993 Seagrave Pumper
On the scene at Nyack College's natural gas explosion. (Jun 4th, 2013)
Parade Day Prepped!
1993 Seagrave Pumper
Mazeppa's sparkling and shiny engine participated in a Nyack parade.
Mazeppa's 10-750
1963 Seagrave Pumper
Hoses, Ladders, Nozzles, and a Pump.
Preferred Parking
1963 Seagrave Pumper
10-750 parked on Main Street in front of the house.
The Ole Grey Mare
1963 Seagrave Pumper
On display and sure to win a trophy.
Left side
1949 Seagrave Pumper
Right side
1949 Seagrave Pumper
Tailgate riding days...
1949 Seagrave Pumper
1926 Seagrave Pumper
1926 10-600 (1926)
Apparatus Type: Pumper
Manufacturer: Seagrave
Year: 1926
Serial Number: 43155
Color: Red

Cab Type: Open
Crew Capacity: 2 seated

Propulsion: Gasoline
Pump & Tank

Pump Capacity: 600 GPM
Pump Location: Midship
Drive Type: Split-shaft
Water Capacity: 100 USG





In Service Date: 1926
Out of Service Date: 1949
From Horses to Horsepower
1914 Seagrave Pumper
Mazeppa's First Seagrave Apparatus
1904 Seagrave Chemical Wagon
Mazeppa's Second Apparatus
1883 Silsby Steamer
Built by the Silsby Manufacturing Co. of Seneca Falls, NY. It was the first steam fire engine to see duty in the Nyack Fire Department in December of 1883.

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